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Enbi’s rollers are applied worldwide in the fields of

We also specialize in insulation products for damping, sealing, and protection in the fields of

Why Us?

We work collaboratively with you to offer the best solution by utilizing our technical knowhow, global footprint, and worldwide partnerships.

Invisible but Crucial

  • Technical Knowledge

    Our in-depth, highly specialized knowledge allows us to deliver the highest quality product

  • Competitive Cost Structure

    By being highly streamlined and vertically integrated we are competitive in the Global OEM market

  • Reliability

    On time with the precision and specifications you demand

Global Presence

Enbi’s headquarters are in Shelbyville, Indiana, USA. Our manufacturing facilities are strategically positioned around the world in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Enbi offers the flexibility to choose the manufacturing sites that best serve our customers’ technology needs, volume demands and geographical manufacturing strategies, with local facilities dedicated to high or low volume production.

On-time delivery and zero defects are the hallmarks of our standard manufacturing philosophy.