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Digital Printing

Enbi has a strong position in two major market segments: the laser printer market and the inkjet printer market. Enbi’s solutions have been applied to virtually all rollers that are required in the digital printing market.

In the laser printer market, Enbi’s imaging rollers, fuser rollers, pressure rollers, paper transport rollers and foam products are used in almost all product ranges including small monochrome printers for the home, color copiers for the office and large high-speed commercial color printers.

In the inkjet printer market, Enbi’s pick tires, retard rollers, feed rollers, output rollers and turn rollers are used in small basic home-use printers and high-end commercial inkjet printers.

Enbi’s gaskets prevent toner from leaking and allow cartridges to be transported and replaced cleanly. High quality materials and special production technologies are used to meet these important requirements for our customers.

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ATM & Cash Handling

With the ability to process over 150 different currencies at speeds of up to 40 bank notes per second, Enbi’s materials provide the optimal solution for our customers. No matter if bank notes have magnetic ink or are of a poor quality, the self-regenerating surface texture of our materials ensures consistent picking and feeding performance over long periods of time.

Enbi is a long-term OEM partner of global and local ATM manufacturers, and is positioned as a strategic supplier, especially in ATM Recycler devices.

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Mail Handling &

Enbi’s materials provide feeding solutions for processing ever-changing envelope thicknesses and sizes with the capability and speed for over 6000 envelopes per minute. Our robust material compression and friction coefficient properties provide today’s franking and mail sorting equipment machine OEMs with solutions they can trust.

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Medical Imaging

Customers turn to Enbi when they need the best picture quality in either x-ray film development or for other applications. Enbi’s materials are fully compatible with developing and fixing chemicals, and our manufacturing processes offer highly reliable mark-free film feeding solutions.

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From wheel arches to motor engines, acoustic insulations are needed almost everywhere in cars to reduce noise.

The automotive area has its individual specifications and requirements for materials, applications and conditions for delivery. Enbi refines a wide range of foam and non-woven materials for noise reduction as well as for thermal insulating and converts them according to individual customer demands.

By ensuring ease of assembly and delivery, Enbi helps to facilitate our clients’ production processes.

Enbi’s materials conform to OEM specifications for interior and exterior application.

Enbi offers:

  • High and small volume production
  • Insulations & gaskets made of open-cell PUR foams and closed-cell materials such as polyethylene and EPDM foam, silicone
  • A wide range of production capabilities (coating, sleeving, form conversion, assembly)
  • Acoustic materials for engine absorbers, acoustic insulations for outer wheel arch liners, ABC-pillars

Areas of application:

  • Acoustic insulations, such as outer wheel arch liners
  • Motor engine covers
  • Ventilation systems
  • Door trim panels
  • Trim strips
  • ABC-Pillars
  • Interior door seals
  • Control panels
  • Consoles
  • Loudspeakers
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Enbi specializes in insulations for damping, insulating, protecting and sealing.
Application areas include: compensation of material stresses, high resistance to moisture, protection against dust, overvoltage diversion, acoustic and thermal insulation and shock resistance displays.

A sub segment of the HVAC market with increasingly stringent environmental standards is the water tank insulation business for OEM partners in Europe.

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Other Markets

Enbi provides customized solutions in various other markets. One example is cabinets, with high-tech sealings protecting electronic components in harsh outdoor environments. We are always looking for new applications of our materials and technical knowledge.